Throwback Jam: “Wink”

It’s no question that Neal McCoy always seems to have the most fun. From his songs to his live performance, it’s hard to find others that match his joy and energy. Perhaps his most well-known song that epitomizes all that McCoy is, is the 1994 single “Wink.”

25 years ago, “Wink” spent 4 weeks at the top of the country carts, between June and July, and went on to receive the Robert J Burton award in 1996 from the Broadcast Music Incorporation for being the most performed country song of the year.

The song was written by two songwriting giants, Bob DePiero (“Blue Clear Sky” and “The Church on Cumberland Road”) and Tom Shapiro (“I Miss My Friend” and “That Ain’t My Truck”). Together they constructed a song tailor made for McCoy: fun, fast paced, with a one word title that gave them a lot of rhyming options. It followed up the success of his first single and first number one as well “No Doubt About It.”

However “Wink” is the song that has stood the test of time; the song that 90’s country fans, and even today’s fans recognize when it comes on. It’s also the only song that can incorporate a word such as ‘psychoanalyze’ and make it work. Slam bam! We’re feeling alright!