Artist You Need to Know: Willie Jones

First it was Florida Georgia Line. Then Sam Hunt followed. Not long after was Kane Brown. The next artist to follow in these artists footsteps might end up being Willie Jones. 

Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, Jones is the type of artist that is made for the modern country music sound. While there are criticisms of some country artists cheaply infusing other elements in to make a quick buck for commercial success, the music Jones makes is intentional and uniquely him.

You might remember him from his time on X Factor in 2012. His cover of Josh Turner’s “Your Man” led to him going viral. Since then, he’s been working on creating his own music and truly honing his craft.

Jones’ smooth voice is the natural attention grabber. From there he layers that with catchy melodies and modern instrumentals that bring both hip hop and R&B elements to the song. His way of doing so is natural and authentic as they are rich musical elements that enhance a song rather than dominate it.

The thing that is a feather in his cap and what could truly set him apart in the current country landscape is his songwriting.

Notable songwriter Jimmy Robbins (“We Were Us”, “I Could Use a Love Song”, “It Goes Like This”) has been working with him on his upcoming debut album. He told Rolling Stones that Jones is so clever in how he writes because he’s writing to the younger audience that is experiencing life completely different than any other generation.

“Willie is writing mature songs but with vernacular that’s accessible to kids right now. The way he speaks is very current. But he’s never sacrificing what we love in Nashville, which is the craft of songwriting.”

His debut EP Road Waves from 2017 gives us a glimpse of what’s to come on the upcoming album. Songs like “Feelin’ Like the Man” and “Lead Me Back Home” are two great examples of Jones’ ability to weave impactful lyrics into a country medley. Jones’ latest release in”Down For It” is currently blowing up on streaming services as he already has over 1 million plays on Spotify.

If you’re a fan of Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, and Kane Brown, then Willie Jones is right in your wheelhouse. Give him a shot.