A Father’s Day Playlist

It’s more than just a Hallmark holiday. It’s a day for us to appreciate the men in our life who have given us so much.

It’s a dad who taught us how to drive at 13 years old. 

It’s a first year father changing diapers all day long.

It’s a grandpa who snuck his grandchildren that extra piece of candy. 

It’s a stepdad driving his stepchildren to a soccer practice. 

It’s a son who lost his dad to an illness months ago.

That’s simply life. It’s also what country music is about. So much of country music is storytelling and being able to relate to people. Over the years, some of the biggest artists in country music have put pen to paper to share their story of fatherhood or what they learned from their dad or grandpa. Some are more painful than others, but each of them is real and from the heart.

So this Father’s Day weekend, make sure you call your dad. Stop in to visit your grandpa. Check in on your friend whose father died. Spend time with your son and daughter.

Enjoy this Father’s Day playlist this weekend: