Luke Combs’ New EP Could Land Him His Next Five #1s

By Aaron Wagner

The music genre is in a unique period. Some artists put out 15 track full albums, others release singles, and then there are extended plays (EP) that seem to be a growing trend for artists to release in between full albums.

Here’s the thing though. No artist releases an EP that could literally contain five future number one songs. Unless your name is Luke Combs.

This past weekend, Combs released The Prequel — a 5 track EP that gives fans new music in time for summer. It’s not just that we get 5 new songs, it’s the quality of them.

You’re already familiar with the drinking jam in “Beer Never Broke My Heart” which is already #3 on the country charts. It’s guaranteed to be #1 within the next month. Combs seamlessly transitions from a party jam to the songs that hit you in the feels. “Refrigerator Door” is a song about how an overlooked object tells our life story. It’s such a cool concept that is easily relatable to each and everyone of us.

I can’t remember the last song that truly moved me, to the point of tears until I got to “Even Though I’m Leaving” on the project. Singing about the special bond a father and son have from childhood until the end of life, Combs’ strong and raspy voice adds a raw emotion to the song.

One of Comb’s biggest strengths is to make country music that would work in any era. That’s the case with “Lovin’ On You” a song that has 90s county elements but is almost certain to have a ton of success on radio as he sings about how falling in love is changing up his lifestyle…in a good way. He wraps up the EP with a song about heartbreak in “Moon Over Mexico.” Lyrically it’s a mature way to describe a past relationship or even a past summer fling in a similar fashion to Kenny Chesney’s “Anything But Mine.”

Once you listen to all five of the songs you’re going to realize how attainable it is for him to have five #1s from this project. While possible, we don’t know what else Combs is working on. He could be working on a full album project with plenty of good songs that are destined for radio success. That being said, the challenge for him and this EP is determining which song or songs don’t make it to radio for commercial.

As fans, for our sake let’s hope they all make it to radio. I think it’s going to pay off for him.