Artist You Need to Know: Lauren Jenkins

By Emily Wagner

A true artist in every sense of the word, Lauren Jenkins is a triple threat — singing, songwriting, and acting.

Jenkins creativity and originality is what makes her stand out from many other striving artists in Nashville. Storytelling was something that Jenkins knew she wanted to do from a young age. Writing songs and short stories, she was determined to make that her life. So much so that she left home at 15 and traveled around the country playing music and homeschooling herself. (Who knew that was even an option?).

At 19 she was attending acting school in New York where she met a producer who suggested she give Nashville a try. Knowing she wanted a life filled with music and acting, she signed with Big Machine, which was and still is supportive of her need to do things in an unorthodox way.

With the release of her debut album No Saint, Jenkins also released a 12 minute short film “Running Out of Road.” Not only was Jenkins able to showcase her talent as an actor, but the entire project seems natural, and it adds another dimension to the songs that create the backdrop to the film.

Lauren isn’t one to focus on numbers or other metrics of success. Being played on the radio isn’t important to her, even though she is one of Bobby Bone’s Class of 2019. She prefers to continue telling stories, whether it’s a sold out stadium or a small coffee house. Her raspy, yet strong voice can work with anything from Americana infused songs (“Blood” and “Cadillac”), to more mainstream, find-it-on-the-radio, country (“All Good Things” and “You’ll Never Know”).

It’s impossible to know how Jenkins career will turn out. She has flairs of a Kip Moore or Eric Church; making the music her way, not under the thumb of her record label, while creating a strong and loyal fan base in the process.