Artist You Need to Know: The Sisterhood Band

What happens when you combine two solo artists with strong music DNA from their family? In this case, you get the duo The Sisterhood Band. 

The duo is comprised of Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart. Alyssa’s parents Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura were in a 1980s country group called Baillie & the Boys. Ruby’s dad happens to be none other than Rod Stewart.

The two embarked on solo careers trying to follow in their parents footsteps. While working on their own solo careers they ended up having mutual friends that introduced each other to. It wasn’t long after that a friendship was born. Soon after, they started to realize that their voices complimented each other’s well. In 2015 they officially formed The Sisterhood Band.

Two years later they signed a record deal with Sony Nashville.

In an industry that desperately needs more female voices, The Sisterhood Band is yet another example of a female act that has unlimited potential and is just waiting for that one song to catapult their career.

Off the bat you can tell that singing comes naturally to them. They’re not forcing things nor trying to overpower the other. There’s an authenticity to them that’s so refreshing. Their sound pays tribute to their roots and the artists that came before them, while at the same time making music that the modern country fan would find catchy.

They’re the type of act that might be playing a side stage at a festival but you could tell that the side stage is the place you need to be at. A year after releasing their debut EP Summer Setlist, the duo released two new songs last month in “Bullet” and “Get Up and Go.”

So check out the EP and their new songs so that when you’re at your favorite festival this year you walk past the main stage and head to the side stage to listen to these great vocalists.