Hayley Orrantia’s New EP “The Way Out” Is a Soundtrack for Each Stage of Heartbreak

Hayley Orrantia is well known as an actress on The Goldbergs. That being said, I think we’re getting close to where people will recognize her for her music, more so than her acting.

Growing up in Texas, music was her first love as she sang everything she could in her bedroom growing up. Eventually that led to singing at local events and festivals. She ended up on Season 1 of The X-Factor. While she auditioned as a solo artist, Simon Cowell put her together with a few other girls creating a pop-country act on the show. The group finished 9th but Hayley was ready to set out and start her career.

The thing you notice immediately with Hayley’s music is that it’s her first love. This isn’t the case of a famous actress wanting to sing. Not at all. She’s talented at both. The new EP comes on the heels of Hayley discovering that her boyfriend at the time had stolen over $9,000 from her in an unbelievable act of betrayal. She channels that story and the emotions into this project.

She starts out the 5 track EP The Way Out with “If I Don’t” a sad song about knowing that the end is near in a relationship. It’s inevitable. You can feel the raw emotion that she’s conveying while singing this one. She then tries to get over the bad breakup in “Do I Come to Mind.” It’s equal parts sadness and moving forward.

“What Ifs and Maybes” finds herself questioning herself and the decisions she made during the relationship. She ends up playing the relatable game of hypotheticals. Hayley finds herself in a bit of dark place in “Okay,” but she realizes that not being okay, is actually okay and normal. She then puts a bow on this project with “Missing Pieces.” She uses a clever play on words with the following lyrics: “I’m at peace with, all the missing pieces.” 

Hayley does a great job telling a complete story of heartbreak. The different stages. The different emotions. The different thoughts. She breaks them down stage by stage and draws out the emotion in each stage and puts beautiful music with it.