Ray Fulcher’s “Somebody Like Me” EP Positions Him to Be Country’s Next Big Thing

By Aaron Wagner

After penning one of the biggest songs in country music in the last few years in Luke Combs’ “When It Rains It Pours” Ray Fulcher is looking to officially kickoff his career as a singer.

This past weekend, Ray Fulcher released his new EP Somebody Like Me. The Georgia native is showing why he’s about to become the next big thing in country music. As I listened to each song on this EP I kept thinking “Man, this would be a huge hit on radio.” It’s true. It’s not a knock on Fulcher at all, but because he’s an artist coming up, chances are not all six songs will be hits but I’m convinced if a country A lister recorded these songs, they’d make out pretty well.

If you’re new to Fulcher, the best comparison I can make is Cole Swindell. They have a similar music style in that the sound is timeless — it’s made for modern country but if the song was released in 1998 it wouldn’t seem out of place. In addition, Swindell was a great songwriter prior to launching his solo career. The parallels are striking.

Fulcher gets the party started with a falling in love on the dance floor song in “Anything Like You Dance.” I really think if he had another artist cut this it would be a huge hit, but he smartly decided to hold on to it for himself. Similar to his huge songwriting credit “When It Rains It Pours,” Fulcher has a glass half full attitude after a breakup with “Life After Your Leavin’.” “Looks” has a rock and roll sound to it, infused with 90s country elements to create a very cool finished song.

The title track “Somebody Like Me” has Fulcher telling his love that he knows she has to leave but insists that she’s going to miss him. He then sings about living the country life and growing up in the country on “Dirt on It.” When you see the title of “Jesus & Jeopardy” your mind wanders trying to predict what story the song will tell. For Fulcher, it’s about his grandpa sharing lessons on life and historical stories. It’s the perfect way to end the EP.

It’s clear that he has the ability to write a killer song and by adding his impressive vocals to that, you have the recipe for a star in the making. You shouldn’t be surprised if he’s the next Luke Combs, Cole Swindell, or Riley Green. He’s out on tour with Luke Combs this summer, so make sure you get your butt to one of his shows.