Throwback Jam: “I Wanna Talk About Me”

By the early 2000s, Toby Keith was on a roll. A true rebel in the genre who did things his way without fear of outside perception.

In 2001 he released his second single from his Pull My Chain album. “I Wanna Talk About Me” went on to become Keith’s 7th number one song and a fan favorite even though it received mixed reviews as some called it “Mocking macho write-rap.” Fans of the song dubbed it a male anthem.

Written by Bobby Braddock, he initially had Blake Shelton in mind to record the song. However, results of a test audience came back with some negative results. Shelton’s label decided to pass on the song as they didn’t think it was a good fit for a debut song. In hindsight, I think Shelton’s camp knew what they were doing, as “Austin” went on to become a major success for Blake.

Braddock then turned his attention to Toby Keith, who a few years earlier had released “Getcha Some,” the song with the word-spoken chorus and figured Keith could handle his own on “I Wanna Talk About Me.”

The only thing better than the fast paced, too many words per second song, is the music video that accompanies it. Keith shines in this comedic gem and whether you relate more to Kieth or his talkative better half, it is three and a half minutes of pure fun.