Artist You Need to Know: Elle Mears

You may recognize her from her viral moment last year.

Elle Mears decided to take Thomas Rhett’s big hit “Marry Me” and spin it around to give a female’s perspective on the song. Her rendition took off garnering over 1 million views on YouTube and over 300,000 spins on Spotify. But if you dig a little deeper into her music, you get the sense we may not have seen her biggest music moment yet.

With a cool pop-country sound to her, Elle Mears is easy on the ears. She has the ability to use her smooth voice to highlight the clever lyrics she weaves in her songs. “So Mr. Bartender can you send her the bill and send him a reality check” is an example of that songwriting during the hook leading in to the chorus of “Straight Up,” an uptempo song that has you playing it on repeat.

“Tequila Me” is a song she released last year that tells the all too familiar story about the effect tequila has on our filter. “Hold on to your bar seat, you’d never see me on the silver stuff this late” and “After that last shot, no telling what I might say” are the relatable lyrics each and everyone of us, particularly myself can relate to.

While Mears is good with the fun songs, she’s equally as convincing in the more emotional ones as she is in “Burning Silhouettes” singing about the end of a good thing. You find yourself wanting to listen to more of her music.

Lucky for us she keeps making new music.

Nearly two weeks ago she released “Turning Up Love Songs.” The song has a driving beat during the chorus as she hit on yet another relatable thing that we all do at the start of a good thing.

And that’s one of the things that stands out to you as you listen to Elle Mears’ music. She takes some of life’s more mundane and simple things, puts a clever lyrical twist on it and boom…you have a catchy song. Her voice adds a rich energy to songs as they can be the soundtrack to your summer fun, whether it’s just you and your friends or a hangin’ out with a summer flame.

Make sure you add some of her songs to your playlist and crank it loud.