Artist You Need to Know: Ferranti

Matthew Ferranti, better known by just his last name, Ferranti, came to Nashville 6 years ago, looking to make it as an artist. He put in his time, singing karaoke at different bars and after about two years he finally hit his break. Although, it wasn’t quite the break he was initially thinking of.

It was at that time that Ferranti and his band were performing the same show with up and comer Brett Young. It just so happened that Young needed a keys player for an upcoming show. During that time Ferranti was playing for a lot of under the radar artists, but he felt that with the music Brett was putting out there, it was something he wanted to be a part of.

The success of Young has in a sense enabled Ferranti to grow his own career.

Although an EP or a full album is certainly something he is striving for, Ferranti is planning on releasing a new single every few months. He started with “Rollercoaster” in April of 2018.

When Ferranti first made the decision to move from his home state of Michigan to Nashville he was accustomed to writing songs on his own. Through introductions he has been able to immerse himself in the writing community and was able to collaborate with songwriters, sometimes skewed towards pop influences.

So while you may not find any steel guitar or banjos on his songs, Ferranti knows how to write a strong song lyrically and mix it with a catchy melody.

Ferranti has followed up the success of “Rollercoaster” with “Way You Look Tonight” and “Anti Social.”

It really makes you wonder what other hidden gem artists are hiding in the band of multi-million record selling artists?