New Music: May 13, 2019

Luke Combs is out with new music. “Beer Never Broke My Heart” could end up being one of the songs of summer.

Rodney Atkins released his new album Caught Up In The Country. We’ll be recapping the album later this week, but in the meantime listen to “All My Friends Are Drunk,” a somber song about trying to get over a breakup.

Logan Mize continues to crank out great country songs. His latest release is “Thinking About You,” an uptempo, driving song about getting excited to see that special person.

Brown & Gray is one of our favorite up and comer bands in country music. This week they released a catchy new one about the ending of a relationship called “Last to Know.”

Vince Gill pens his mom a Mother’s Day letter to thank her for all she has done for him in his 60+ years of life. “A Letter to My Momma” is his latest and the first song from his upcoming album Okie due out in August.

Mitch Rossell, the songwriter of Garth Brook’s latest #1 “Ask Me How I Know,” released his own new music. “All I Need to See” is about how all that matters in this life is the person you love. It’s not all the extra stuff we sometimes end up prioritizing.

The Sisterhood Band is a female duo with music in their bloodlines. The duo is made up of Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart, Ruby being the daughter of Rod Stewart. They dropped two new songs this week in “Bullet” and “Get Up and Go.”

Elle Mears is a country riser out with a new one this week about falling in love and being in love. Check out “Turning up Love Songs.”

Baylee Littrell is a new country singer out with “Boxes.” If the name rings a bell for you, you’re probably correct. The song of Backstreet Boys lead singer Brian Littrell, Baylee is looking to make his name in country music.