Throwback Jam: “Every Once In a While”

Can’t you just hear the first couple of notes from the single guitar to open the song?

“Every Once In A While” became Blackhawk’s first number one single back in 1993.

The group consisting of Dave Robbins, Henry Paul, and Van Stephenson, who passed away in 2001, were writing machines in the years leading up to their first album. Only a handful of the 30 plus songs they wrote made it onto their first album and with “Every Once In A While” the three felt like they were on the right track musically.

The song itself was written with their former girlfriends in mind. The idea was that they just knew those girls also sat back and smiled when thinking about their former boyfriends. Although Blackhawk went on to have a highly successful career, especially in the mid 1990’s, “Every Once In A While” is still that song for them that everyone can sing all the words to, decades, and generations of fans later.