Tim McGraw’s Top 10 Songs

This is an indirect rebuttal from Emily in response to Aaron’s Top 10 Tim songs.

Everyone has their favorite artists, favorite songs, and whether we realize it or not we tend to rank them. We have favorites, those songs that we immediate go to no matter the situation. But when an artist such as Tim McGraw has a career spanning decades and numerous number ones and top 10 songs the task is nearly impossible.

Who doesn’t have a favorite Tim song? A least favorite? As of today, these are my top 10 Tim songs. It will probably change by tomorrow.

*Disclaimer: All duets are purposefully left out. This list was difficult enough.

10. I Like It, I Love It – All I Want, 1995

Classic Tim. From the opening guitar solo to “Don’t forget to turn out the lights,” this song is one of the iconic 90’s country hits that everyone screams the words to.

9. Unbroken – Set This Circus Down, 2001

Tim has so many hits that it feels like sometimes “Unbroken” gets forgotten a lot more than it should. It was a number one hit in 2002, which is not a huge surprise. The song grabs you in from the first beat, and once we get to the chorus, forget about it. One of the most underrated McGraw songs.

8. Cowboy In Me – Set This Circus Down, 2001

Before there was “Unbroken” McGraw released “Cowboy in Me” and the two songs couldn’t be more different. A self reflective song about ones own faults and short comings, Tim is so good at being honest and vulnerable in his songs.

7. Everywhere – Everywhere, 1997

This song is so beautifully written, not only because it helped me with my geography, but it weaves real bittersweet feelings at every verse. The choices made by the characters in the song were right, and what they wanted. Then why does this song feel so sad?

7. Just To See You Smile – Everywhere, 1997

I’m well aware this is the second #7 but after putting the list together there was no way I couldn’t include this song, not for any particular besides the fact that it is just so good and comforting to listen to.

6. Humble and Kind – Damn Country Music, 2015

This is easily Tim’s biggest song in the last 10 years, one of those once in a generation songs. It’s actually bigger than any song or any singer, with the lessons and advice serving as badly needed reminders as to how we all should strive to be, every day. How fitting that it is on an album titled “Damn Country Music” because this song is the epitome of country music. However, not quite good enough to break into the top 5 Tim McGraw songs.

5. Something Like That – A Place in the Sun, 1999

Does this song really need a reason to be on this list? Such a jam. Roll your windows down and turn this song up on a summer day ( or you know, Labor Day), and you’ll become a country music fan for life.

4. Red Ragtop – Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors, 2002

This song only made it to #5 on the charts, and was even banned on some radio stations due to the lyrics surrounding abortion. All that aside, this is a heartbreaking song that starts off so hopeful, that I still fully expect a happy ending by the last verse. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

3. Live Like You Were Dying – Live Like You Were Dying, 2004

There’s a good number of songs out there that preach about living each day to the fullest, because you never know when it’s your last. “Live Like You Were Dying” accomplishes that feat without coming off as being cheesy or cliche. And perhaps it even struck a deeper meaning, paralleling Tim’s relationship with his dad Tug McGraw, as the song was released just 6 months after his passing.

2. Where the Green Grass Grows – Everywhere, 1997

It doesn’t get much better than this song. There is no way that you turn the station after hearing the opening fiddle riffs. The message of this song is simple country, but still holds true to this day, over 20 years later. Wanting to live a quiet, fulfilling life is still something people strive for today, and this song not only exemplifies that but also a good stab in the nostalgia feels.

1. Don’t Take the Girl – Not a Moment Too Soon, 1994

Honestly deciding songs 10-2 was harder than figuring out what the all time best Tim McGraw song is. “Don’t Take the Girl” is my earliest memory of country music, let along McGraw. The song and the story it tells doesn’t age. It isn’t something that is purely 90’s country. Although I’m unsure how the song would do on the charts today, it is such a special song that helped shape Tim McGraw’s career.