Artist You Need to Know: Cody Webb

Cody Webb’s love for music was instilled in him from little on and it’s shaped who he’s become as an artist.

Growing up in small town South Carolina, music was always in his life. His father was a singer-songwriter and his mom led the music production at church. He didn’t know that music could be a viable career path right away so he went off to college. There he began playing the local bars in Clemson and drawing a nice following. His schedule began to fill up as he balanced school work and becoming more in demand.

While he grew up on southern rock influences it was the influence of Eric Church that bridged the gap between his roots and growing interest in country. 

It’s only fair to make the comparison that Webb’s musical style is similar to Eric Church or even a Cole Swindell. What makes his music really special is that it isn’t some big production that needs all the bells and whistles. He has a modern country voice with the traditional country elements as well. The instrumentals in his music give his songs a boost but it’s his voice that is the main selling point in his songs. It’s easy listening and the type of music you can picture as a soundtrack to your country night at a bonfire. 

His most notable song to date is “She’s Carolina” with over 325,000 streams on Spotify. Singing about a Carolina girl it’s a beautiful ballad that will resonate with any country fan. We’re assuming it resonates with his South Carolina-born wife as well. 

Webb continues to open for acts as he looks to make the next step in his music career. His most recent release “Gettin’ Somewhere” is an uptempo song about falling in love and those early moments. He’s due to release another new song in June called “Jon Boat.” It has become a fan favorite in live shows so he’s looking forward to its release. 

Keep an eye on Cody Webb this summer. If he’s coming to a festival near you be sure to go check him out. In the meantime, add him to your playlist.