Sarah Ross Pushes the Boundaries In Her New Album “Nervous Breakdown”

After appearing on Season 12 of American Idol, Sarah Ross has continued to push the boundaries as she officially kicks off her music career.

What kind of music does she make? That’s not an easy answer. And I think it’s fair to say that it’s the way she prefers it. You can’t put her music style in a box. While her songs won’t be everything for anyone, there is something for everyone.

On Nervous Breakdown Ross ping pongs between Carrie Underwood sounding songs and songs with elements of Nicki Minaj. Then there’s the songs that sound like it could be sung by Selena Gomez and then more of the modern country-pop sounding songs similar to what Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris are singing. It’s a unique project and to that you have to give immense credit to Sarah for willing to push the boundaries as an artist and challenge herself.

Sarah kicks off her project with the title track “Nervous Breakdown” an intriguing song from the opening that gives you a glimpse of the artist she wants to be known as. “Golden Ticket” is an immediate pivot that almost sounds like a Selena Gomez or Ciara made country song. Ross pushes the boundaries as far as one could with the next one called “Shotgun.” Think Nicki Minaj goes country. But in a modern country era where we have Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt, and Dustin Lynch “country rapping” it was only a matter of time until a female artist made the leap.

We get to see the sass side of Sarah in “Daddy Issues” as she directly throws that overused phrase directly back in a guys face. She ends up transitioning to the best song on the album in “Lovin’ This Beat.” A modern country sounding song it’s naturally infectious. Definitely one to add to your playlists. It’s followed up by “Not Broken” a Carrie Underwood-esque song that is catchy as hell.

As you can tell so far, the theme of the album is diversity in song styles and that continues with the second half of the album. “Country Girl Anthem” is exactly the type of song the title suggests as Sarah brings in some speaking/rapping elements. She really shows off her impressive vocal range in “Doin’ Fine” another female empowerment song before she moves on to “Calm Before the Storm,” another song that challenges her to reach her upper vocal range.

The album wraps up with two songs. “All I Want to Know” a 90s country style song that is more proof of how she can go back and forth between all these styles. It’s very impressive. The last track on the project is “You’re No Good” a song where she goes back and forth between her impressive vocals and more of a spoken word sound to it.

Give the album a chance. You’re bound to find some songs you’ll enjoy no matter your musical taste.