Artist You Need to Know: Shawn Austin

It’s safe to say that up and comer Shawn Austin has experienced his share of success and failures, but within the last two years, it seems as there is no stopping him.

Beginning with his debut single “Paradise Found” cracking the top 10 of the Canadian Country Music charts, Austin soon found himself on tour for country heavyweight Dallas Smith. Recognizing talent when he hears it, Dallas signed Austin to his label, SteelHead Music.

By the fall of 2018 Austin had released his first EP, with the smash hit of “You Belong” taking his career to the next level. It’s his most played single on Spotify, with well over 2 million spins. He became one of the ten most played artists on Canadian country radio — and I wouldn’t mind if more of that would make it to the good ole U.S. of A.

Starting off in local coffee shops and bars, Austin covered a range of artists from blues, country, and rock. Some compare his sound to John Mayer or even Brett Eldredge. He isn’t that “honky-tonk, boot and cowboy hat” country; think more along the lines of a Brett Young. Laid back, chill sound, with hints of the beach (he is from Vancouver), and a power voice to match.

Austin is riding the success of 2018 into this year. He gave fans what they wanted in early April with his latest single “What Do I Know,” and more music is expected as the year goes on. This guy is not going anywhere soon, and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the country world catches on.