Dylan Scott’s New EP Is a Preview of What’s To Come

Dylan Scott dropped a six song EP titled Nothing to Do Town this week and at first reaction it leads to more questions. Only six? Why only six? Where’s a full album?

The full album is coming folks. It’s reportedly due out at some point this year. That means we get to enjoy six new songs from Dylan Scott while anticipating what a full project will sound like later in the year.

If you don’t follow Scott closely on social media you know that a lot has changed for him in the last few years and will continue to change. He has a song that is about 18 months old and his wife is expecting their second child later this year. These new things have clearly affected how he writes songs.

“Look at Us Now” is a catchy song that hits you to the core as he sings about the journey he and his wife have been on in the last few years. You can just tell this song means something more to him. He starts the EP off with the title track “Nothing to Do Town” which is the ultimate anthem about a small town, complete with a college atmosphere-like snare drum hook.

Scott continues to get personal with the rest of the EP. “Honey I’m Home” details the struggle of life on the road as a music star being away from your loved ones. He then seems to make it up to his wife with a seductive song in “Anniversary.” Think FGL’s “Talk You Out of It.”

My two favorite songs on the EP are also two personal ones to Scott. “Nobody” is the song about how proud he is to love his wife and there’s nobody else while “You Got Me” is a relaxed song about just getting your special person. You know them, they know you. It’s love.

It’s clear that Scott’s life has only gotten better since marriage and becoming a father. It’s impacted his songwriting and his new music. If this is any sign as to what’s to come, we are in for a treat.