Darryl Worley Reintroduces Himself With Fun New Project

Darryl Worley is back.

One of the notable singers from the 2000s is back with a new album. Second Wind: Latest and Greatest is an appropriate title for the album as it’s half a tribute to his biggest hits and half a pivot to the future with new music.

The album kicks off with with his debut single “When You Need My Love” which put him on the map. He continues with other top hits including “Good Day to Run,” “Awful Beautiful Life,” and “Have You Forgotten.” The songs sound a bit different because they don’t sound overly produced. It almost sounds like you’re at a live show of his. The band sounds live and his voice sounds authentic. It’s great quality.

Now on to the new tunes. 

His new batch of songs is a pivot from the first half of the album where he remastered some of his earlier hits. But listening to those remastered hits you get a sense of where he’s going with the new ones. It’s a rich live music type of sound. There are many jazz and bluesy elements throughout the new tracks. It’s soulful which is something that seems to come natural to Worley. It’s not quite Brett Eldredge level of soulful but it’s a good sound for Worley.

“Lonely Alone” is a smooth almost jazz sounding song about wanting to be alone after a breakup. He then turns up the fun and attitude in “Whiskey Makes Me Think About You.” With a clever line in “There ain’t no doubt about it, I’m better off without it, whiskey makes me think about you” it’s worth listening to if you’re trying to get over someone.

“The Night Sure Looks Good on You” and “It’s Good to Be Me” are two toe-tapping songs that give off a 90s vibe which we can all agree is always a good thing. Worley has always had a reputation of being a good guy and standing up for decent and he channels that in a modern blues sounding song with “Do Something Good.” He sounds at peace with himself in this one.

He wraps up the album with “Running,” and “Working on a Love Song.” The former is a more traditional sounding song that Worley would’ve cut in the early 2000s or even earlier. “Working on a Love Song” has strong jazz vibes with prominent saxophone sounds to bring out the soul in his voice.

Overall, it’s a fun album to listen to. You get to hear him reproduce his earlier hits while getting a sense of the music he wants to make in the future. It’s simply good music and while the modern country music scene right now doesn’t appear to be looking for this type of music as the next hit single, that doesn’t matter. Worley reintroduces himself to the country music audience with clever lyrics, a rich band sound, and a soulful and intentional voice to carry the project through.