Throwback Jam: “Wild One”

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the world was introduced to Faith Hill.

Her very first single “Wild One” hit the top of the country charts in January of 1994 and spent 4 weeks at the top spot, which hadn’t been done by a female country artist in over 30 years.

The hit song was written by Pat Bunch, Jamie Kyle, and Will Rambeau, but actually passed through a few hands before it landed with Faith. The song was first recorded by the country band Zaca Creek in 1992, but this song is clearly one that is helped by a female’s voice. Then it was recorded again a year later by the New Orleans based band Evangeline. Even still, the song needed Faith Hill’s voice, which gave the song a more powerful, playful and upbeat sound, something that the other two acts couldn’t quite achieve.