Artist You Need to Know: Logan Mize

Logan Mize is one of the better kept secrets in country music. Luckily for country music fans and Mize, he’s becoming less of a secret.

Growing up in Kansas, music was in his bloodlines. His great uncle Billy is credited with the development of the Bakersfield sound of country music. The Bakersfield sound was the California sounding country in the 1950s that began to include some rock and pop elements to the sound. Think Merle Haggard.

While he hasn’t found success the traditional way through country radio, it’s the modern music era that his shaping his career. Mize has built up a loyal fan base over the years. With over 12,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s just a matter of time until he strikes gold with a radio single.

Mize is easy listening. It just seems to come natural to him. He has a natural and authentic country voice but brings those rock elements to it that his great uncle brought to country music over 50 years ago. He continues to hit the pavement hard as he tours around the country playing small venues, opening for larger artists, and playing for his fans no matter where they are.

If you’re looking for a new country artist to follow, Logan Mize is your guy. Check out “Ain’t Always Pretty” and “Better Off Gone,” as together these two songs have garnered him over 70 million streams on Spotify alone.

As he continues to make great music and have success online, it’s only a matter of time before radio stations get on board with playing him. But for now, hop on the Logan Mize bandwagon. You’re going to wish you had done so earlier.