Listen to “Low Afternoon” by Hailey Whitters

Hailey Whitters is a ridiculously talented singer and songwriter. She has already released two new songs this year, with an album to follow. But to understand her true genius is to listen to arguably her best song from her 2015 album Black Sheep.

The song “Low All Afternoon” is a beautiful, haunting song about love lost, infidelity, and pride. Martina McBride cut the song for her 2016 album Reckless. There is even a fabulous video of the two singing the song together, if you care to dive into the deep dark web.

Hailey is brutally honest in this song with daunting verses like “You heard that she gave him an ultimatum. But she’s wearing his ring now…He’s ready to settle down now that he’s messed around with you.” This song reminds me of Sugarland’s “Stay.” And just like with “Stay,” by the time the third verse comes around, the narrator of “Low All Afternoon” has found her voice and strength to move on with her life without the man she thought she couldn’t live without.

A true masterpiece; six out of five stars easily.