Spencer Crandall Knows Who He is as an Artist With Latest Album “More”

We’re in an era where country music fans are constantly arguing over what is country and what isn’t. This is artist is a poser, while this artist is pure country. Spencer Crandall is an artist that doesn’t seem bothered by that noise.

Taking inspiration from the sounds of artists like Sam Hunt, Walker Hayes, and Chris Lane, Spencer Crandall knows who he is, the music he wants to make, and the music his fans want to hear.

While his latest album More doesn’t feature heavy traditional country sounds like the fiddle, he builds off of the sound that Hunt, Hayes, and Lane have brought to country. More importantly, the songwriting and the stories that he tells is country through and through. The songs on this nine-track album paint a picture in your head. The words are weaved together cleverly to match the infectious musical sound his songs have.

It’s particularly targeted toward younger country fans and could also be referred to as the soundtrack to a young summer love. But that also cuts the album short, as there are numerous songs that Crandall gets vulnerable on and shows his maturity as a songwriter and artist.

The project kicks off with “Before I Do,” a playful song about giving a girl a warning about the total dud she is with. “No Destination” is a driving song that you’ll want to crank up this summer with the windows down as your drive over town with your special person. Crandall keeps the good vibes going with “All We Got.” Singing about the simple life, this is one that will get stuck in your head all day. It’s super catchy.

“Kept Every Vow” is one of the better written songs I’ve heard this year. Getting inspiration from his parents, Crandall opened himself and his family up to his fans and it’s paying off for him. He doesn’t sugarcoat the peaks and valleys that make up a true love.

Crandall gets vulnerable with “Ain’t Working for Me.” An emotional song that everyone can relate to about faking your level of happiness after a breakup. Chances are we’ve all sucked it up, painted on a smile and put on an act in attempt to move on. “Better” is a peppy song about young love and the blinders we wear while in the middle of it.

“Silverado” is one of the more fun ones on the album as he sings about being a bit mischievous in a young love. The title track “More” is a definite must listen. If you look at the project of this album as a story and Crandall reflecting on his own life experiences, “More” is an evolution of maturity when it comes to relationships. The young love stuff is fun, but there’s something special about those mores. Perhaps the best song on the album is “Get On with Me.” Singing about moving on after a tough breakup, Crandall hopes that his ex moves on first so that it’s easier for himself to put one foot in front of the other. It’s great songwriting to end the album on a high note.