Artist You Need to Know: Hailey Whitters

Call her Nashville’s best kept secret. Thanks to streaming services and some high prolific names giving her long overdue recognition (thanks Brothers Osborne), Hailey Whitters is on her way to being a household name. Hailey Whitters hails from Iowa, but moved to Nashville at the age of 16, knowing music and songwriting is what she wanted to do.

Her decision seemed like the right one, gaining a publishing deal with Carnival, leading to big names like Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, and Martina McBride cutting her songs. But making it in Music City tore Whitters in two directions. First and foremost she wanted to write songs that meant something and resonated with people. Her style of Indie, Americana Country is far and few between, especially on country radio, is where Whitters wanted her songs to go. So she tried gearing her songs towards the style that is heard on the radio, only to throw them out after realizing they weren’t “her.”

After 10 years in town — a magic number that many claim is an accurate amount of time to truly make it — Whitters, with help from her agent and boyfriend decided to make a record that was 100% authentic; something she was proud to put her name by.

That realization led to her latest two singles in “Ten Year Town” and “The Days” which are lead ins to her album due out later this year, titled The Dream. It was “Ten Year Town” that caught the attention of Maren Morris, who Whitters actually used to do writing sessions with when Maren first came to town. Maren invited Hailey out on her tour for a few dates this fall, which is huge for an artist like Hailey, with no record label, no manager.

After 12 years in Nashville, as a nanny, a waitress, a bartender, it’s time to give Hailey Whitters the only titles she deserves: songwriter and artist.