Reba McEntire’s New Album Will Put Your Emotions Through the Wringer

The King. Garth. Reba. These three continue to take a large role in country music decades after appearing on the charts. Reba McEntire, in particular, continues to make music that is as timeless as 80s and 90s Reba, while still making the sound appeal to the modern country listener.

Stronger Than The Truth is her latest album, released the weekend leading into her hosting the ACM Awards. Smooth move by the queen. The album could also be called “The Heartbreak Soundtrack.” There are a couple upbeat and fun songs, but the majority of the project will absolute rip your heart out. Lyrics are woven together that will hit you like a ton of bricks. Yes you may end up crying. Reba’s voice naturally sends chills down your spine and this album is no different.

Be prepared to think. Be prepared to cry. Be prepared to ride the emotional rollercoaster. But most importantly, be prepared to be blown away.

The album kicks off with a Texas-style honky tonk tune called “Swing All Night With You,” which is a sound you don’t hear often in today’s country but is a nod to the roots of country. “Stronger Than The Truth” is the title track, which for the second track on the album gets down and somber early in the album. She immediately shifts gears with an uneasy sounding song about getting over a breakup with “Storm in a Shotglass.” One of the songs that will hit you like a ton of bricks if you listen closely to the lyrics is “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain.”

Reba continues to hit listeners in the feels with a gut wrenching song about a traveler’s story in “Cactus in a Coffee Can.” The somber songs continue as she eloquently sings about heartbreak in “Your Heart” and “The Clown.” She picks the tempo up with “No U in Oklahoma,” a humorous play on words about being glad a relationship is over and no longer getting hurt.

“The Bar’s Getting Lower” is a song that enough people can relate to about trying to find your special person but wondering if they’re ever going to come into your life. “In His Mind” is a sad song about one man’s unsuccessful hope that his woman will come back to him. The song with the best potential to be a hit single is “Freedom,” an uplifting song about empowering yourself and freeing yourself from your past unsuccessful relationships. The album concludes with “You Never Gave Up on Me.” It’s a song about true love and how difficult it can be, but still getting through it.