Throwback Jam: “Who I Am”

It was a new millennium and a 15 year-old artist soared up the charts to the top spot with her debut single. In 2000, Jessica Andrew’s smash hit “Who I Am” resonated with country fans of all ages and went to #1.

The song was written by Troy Verges and Brett James. James was in medical school in Oklahoma at the time so Verges would take periodic trips to visit him and write songs in-between James’ classes. One day they happened to be writing in James’ parents kitchen and the lyrics just started coming to them and they ran with it. James went on to become one of the best songwriters in Nashville penning multiple top hits such as “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “When the Sun Goes Down.”

Jessica Andrews resonated with it because she felt it was a powerful and relatable message, since she herself was embarking on a music career, while knowing her friends and family would still be there supporting her. The song became her biggest hit and a career defining song.