LOCASH’s New Album “Brothers” Is The Perfect Blend of Fun, Love, and Friendship

If you’ve never seen a live LOCASH show, you’re missing out. The energetic duo knows how to entertain a crowd like no other. What seems to get overlooked sometimes is just how talented they are. Sure they can play the loud party jams that make concerts fun, but they know how to write an impactful song too.

That’s why when they announced the details of their latest album, Brothers, fans and the country music industry had high expectations. They received help from A-list songwriters (Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Hayslip) and producers (Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder, and Jordan Schmidt) for this project which set the bar high from day one. Each time they would release a song in the weeks leading up to the album release it continued to set the bar higher. Would these be the only good songs on the album? Is this as good as it’s going to get? Heck no.

The album has everything a country fan desires in music. There’s a party jam and a few songs that will most certainly end up being played while on the lake or tailgating. They give the women in their life credit for getting them to where they are on a few songs. But LOCASH digs even deeper emotionally and sings easily relatable songs about friendship. The friendship theme isn’t something you hear a lot, but the duo is able to execute in a way that feels honest, not cheesy. It’s very refreshing.

The album kicks off with “One Big Country Song.” It’s a fun, feel good song that sets the album up for more of what’s to come. The duo cleverly sings a love song about all the things they love about their lady in “How Much Time You Got.” One of my favorite songs on the album is “Brothers.” It’s the type of song that any guy can relate to. Your “brothers” are the same ones that will call you out for your crap but also be there in a pinch when you need something.

“Summer in a Truck” has potential to be a very addicting summer song if it’s ever released as a single. In any case, with summer right around the corner it’s definitely one you need to add to your summer playlist. The next song was written by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Alex Smith, and the one and only Russell Dickerson. “God Thing” is a catchy jam that tells the story that all these guys can relate to about thanking God for always looking out for them throughout life. “It’s Only Midnight” is a song that I think has the chance to be a successful radio single for the duo. With the classic country song message of not wanting the night to end, the song easily gets stuck in your head.

“Feels Like a Party” is exactly the song that you would expect from LOCASH. This is going to be a fun one to hear at live shows. The duo sings about their better halves in a bit of a funky and mysterious sounding song called “Secret Weapon.” Looking for another summer jam to add to your playlist this year? “Cold Beer Kinda Night” is just that song. The song is all about wanting to get into a bit of trouble, but not too much trouble. Sounds good on paper, sounds even better when you hear it.

This album contains one of my favorite songs I’ve heard released this year. “Kissing a Girl” is the type of song that country music was created for. The lyrics will hit you right in the feels and the driving chorus carries the song to extreme heights. If you don’t like this one, you don’t have a heart. The album concludes a with a proper bookend song. “Beers to Catch Up On” is a nostalgic song about catching up with friends. Let’s face it, sometimes life moves too fast and you don’t see your friends as often as you used to.