Throwback Jam: “When I Think About Angels”

Eighteen years ago, Australian country artist Jamie O’Neal released her second single from her album Shiver.

When I Think About Angels” went on to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart, earning O’Neal her second number one, following the success of “There Is No Arizona.” O’Neal became the first country female artist to have her first two singles hit number one on the chats since Deanna Carter in 1997.

The song, written by O’Neal, Sonny Tillis, and Roxie Dean, couldn’t be more different than “There Is No Arizona.” Light and upbeat, “When I Think About Angels” describes a chain reaction — how everything she sees, does, and feels — reminds her of her significant other. It’s the color of the coffee. It’s the toast of sugar. O’Neal proved her versatility from “Angels” to “Arizona” making her one of the notable voices of early 2000s country.