Artist You Need to Know: Chad Brownlee

In country music there is a fair share of artists who were former athletes. Those such as Brett Young and Sam Hunt who could’ve had a career in baseball and football respectively. But country doesn’t have a hockey player…until now.

Meet Chad Brownlee.

The Canadian country singer was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in 2003 and played minor league hockey for the Idaho Steelheads. After a few injuries set him back, he decided to shift his attention to making music. Good call Chad.

He released his debut album Chad Brownlee back in 2010 and has continued to release new music and albums ever since. In that time, he has ten Top-10 songs on the Canadian country charts. His most recent EP Hearts on Fire was certified Gold. In 2011 he won the Canadian County Music Awards (CCMA) Rising Star Award.

Chad Brownlee has an authentic country voice that also appeals to the modern country music listener. His voice is smooth and easy to listen to. He then adds different types of melodies and instrumentals to each of his song so there’s never one song that really sounds the same. It’s pretty cool.

His most recent song he released is called “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere.” Singing about the beginning of a relationship, Brownlee’s vocal range is the thing immediately grabs your attention.

Another one of our favorite songs “Dear Drunk Me” tells a familiar country song story about those regrettable decisions we seem to make when we mix booze with a recent break up. This one has a catchy musical production and the music video is hilarious which shows the wide appeal he has.

The third song you really need to check out of his is “Out of the Blue.” Singing about not looking for love until it hits you in the face, this is right in his wheelhouse. He has the impressive vocals that are easy to listen to while always wanting to hear the next song he has.

Be sure to check out the rest of his songs: