New Music: March 25, 2019

Abby Anderson released a super catchy new tune this week. “GOOD LORD” will automatically put you in a good mood. Her future is so bright in country music.

With one of the most naturally beautiful voices in country music, Caroline Jones pivots from “The Difference” to the sequel with her latest called “Chasin’ Me.” The range she has on this song, especially toward the end is impressive.

Jake Owen is also out with a new one. “That’s On Me” is a seductive song about catching up with your special person.

LOCASH’s album comes out later this week and there’s no way this album won’t be amazing. They released their title track this week and “Brothers” is the ultimate friendship song with a dash of nostalgia added.

Just over a year since LANCO’s debut album Hallelujah Nights, it appears no other songs from that project will be released. This week they released “Rival,” a nice sounding track with a “get on the bandwagon now or never” message.

This new one from Reba McEntire is such a Reba song. “Freedom” gives a nod to the freedom of America, but more so the freedom one gets when they finally find their person that makes them feel like they are valued and wanted. We’re two weeks away from her album being released.

Rodney Atkins is releasing a new album that is due out on May 10th. This week he released a song from the album called “What Lonely Looks Like.” Singing about how things are going to be okay after a breakup, it’s such a great Rodney Atkins song that we’ve been accustomed to.

Lacy Cavalier has a cleverly crafted new one called “Blue Suede Couch.” Lacy cleverly tell the story of a relationship that is no more all from the perspective of her couch that is a constant reminder of the feelings she had during that relationship.

Country riser Kassi Ashton has a powerful new one this week. She gets vulnerable on “Pretty Shiny Things,” as she sings about the battles everyone covers up while unfortunately valuing the wrong things in life.

MacKenzie Porter sings about not being able to get a former flame out of her head in her latest called “24/7/365.”

Brooks & Dunn released another one of their duets, this week being “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” with Brett Young. While there has been some negative feedback on the song with the different lyrics and sound, I think Ronnie and Kix deserve a ton of credit for being open to a different sound and trying to blend their sound with Brett’s.