Artist You Need to Know: Ingrid Andress

If you haven’t heard of her yet, by the end of 2019 she’ll be a household name amongst us crazy country fans.

Ingrid Andress, a Denver native, recently signed with Warner Nashville/Atlantic Records and is quickly making a name for herself. CMT listed her as one of their “Listen Up 2019” as well as featured in “Next Women of Country.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise.

She easily has one of the most unique voices in country music — or any genre for that matter. Equally strong and controlled, she has the raspy tone to her voice that makes her that much more enduring and entertaining to listen to.

Her debut song is “Lady Like,” a song that more than anything is empowering. Empowering to be who you are, not to bend to social norms, nor the stereotypical gender roles. It’s such an honest and relatable song, but don’t let the soft, quiet opening few verses fool you. The song takes off at the chorus, reminiscent of any Adele song you can think of.

I need more. We need more. One song won’t satisfy the masses for long. Luckily, as Ingrid has mentioned herself, new music is on the way this year.

We don’t plan on missing out. And neither should you.