Artist You Need to Know: Alex Stern

While country music is working to improve the number of opportunities for female artists, there is a talented group of up and comers that are just waiting to break through. One of them is Alex Stern.

Growing up in New Mexico, Alex realized she wanted to be a singer at a young age so she persuaded her parents to sign her up for vocal lessons. She ended up winning a spot in a GRAMMY Camp in two separate years in high school which gave her a true taste of the industry. She headed to Arizona State to attend college but soon realized it wasn’t for her and she had to head to Nashville.

Listening to Alex it’s clear she’s inspired by many different types of artists within and outside of country music. There’s something nostalgic, yet presently authentic, about her voice as she narrates a story from the start to the end. It’s hard to compare her voice to someone since there are hints of various artists in her music, but Jesse James Decker is one that comes to mind.

In her latest song, “Fingers Crossed,” she gets vulnerable by letting the listener in to her story through a dramatic opening before absolutely crushing it with an big production chorus that showcases her powerful vocals.

On the surface, “Dreamin” is a simple song but she’s able to hit some impressive high notes that give you a glimpse at her true range.

And in “Think About You,” she’s able to relate a common thing each and everyone of us go through in a simple, yet eloquent way. It’s not over powering nor overproduced, which by default sets the mood for the listener. It’s well done.

Keep an eye on Alex in the coming years. As she continues to release new music, we will of course continue to share that with you.

Check out the rest of her music here: