Florida Georgia Line hits all the right notes with “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”

Every time I listen to Florida Georgia Line’s latest album, Can’t Say I Ain’t Country, I like it a little bit more.

I’ve always been a hardcore FGL fan, never bought into the whole “bro-country” thing, and genuinely think Tyler and BK are some of the most talented guys in the business. This album has a little of everything. The guys of FGL know their fan base and what they want to hear.

The very first song, the title track, “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” is the most subtle of slights to all of those who declare the duo to not be country. Are there songs on this album that skew towards the pop side? Of course; look no further that “Swerve.” I don’t see it as being a single, but it just proves how FGL is open to incorporating all kinds of sounds into their music.

But maybe you’re craving that “classic country” sound. “Speed of Light” is perhaps the most country (I’m talking circa 1990’s) that FGL has ever sounded. With plenty of steel guitar and a foot stomping beat, FGL is still surprising listeners with their originality. In the same vein, don’t think the guys forgot to mention their small-town roots, with a song literally called “Small Town,” which follows “Y’all Boys,” an absolute summer jam, written and sung with HARDY.

As with “Dig Your Roots” or “Confession” FGL always include a few slower, self-reflective, sentimental songs. “Women” is a soulful, gospel sounding homage to all the women in their lives and beyond. Jason Derulo’s vocals just escalate the song from great to amazing. If we are comparing this to Keith Urban’s “Female” as another song praising the women of the world, “Women” is just an all-around better song and would do better commercially if released as a single. “People are Different” runs in the same vein as Luke Bryan’s “Most People Are Good,” with a good message of acceptance. “Blessings” is the last song on the album, but don’t sleep on this song. There is nothing better than two highly successful musicians writing a song like this, and staying humble: “It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings.”

The album has already produced a #1 single with “Simple” and it would come as no surprise if their next single “Talk You Out Of It” climbs it’s way to the same spot. Even “Colorado” which was released on the same day as “Simple” this past summer saw action on the charts. Can’t Say I Ain’t Country has a little bit of everything; from a dynamite of a duet with Jason Aldean on “Can’t Hide Red” to “Told You,” a slowed down love song that has a 1940’s jazz feel to it.

The most noticeable difference in this album is the four skits that are intermitted between the 15 songs. Brother Jervel is a character created by FGL’s friend, Nugget. Brother Jervel is a preacher in a small church and is known to call up Tyler and BK and leaves some obscure voicemails, mainly to get a laugh out of the guys. They figured that these skits would be the perfect addition to the album, to sprinkle some humor, and to just try something new that hasn’t been heard of on a country album before.

Innovative. Florida Georgia line is never afraid to take risks with their music, and with every album they are raising the bar that much higher for country music.