Artist You Need to Know: Outshyne

I guess we can’t call them new, since the guys from Outshyne have been making music since 2007, but they are definitely a band that if you are a country music fan, you need to add to your listening rotation.

Comprised of five South Carolina boys, Waylon Owings, Matthew Norris, Josh Coleman, Jason Paxton, and Casey Joe Kelly, the band found success with their lead single “Dirt Road Romance” off their 2013 album Startin Over. The song was written by the guys from Florida Georgia Line and received national radio airplay. In fact FGL use to open for Outshyne before they erupted into megastars.

However it was their next single “Moonlight Crush,” that really pushed them into the country music scene. The song became a number one single on satellite radio, garnered over 5,000 downloads a week, and currently has over 2 millions Spotify streams

Outshyne started the new year with new music. They released a four-track EP called Rumors on January 11th. With a perfect mix of some rock, pop, and vintage country (take a listen to “Butterflies” and you’ll feel strong 1990s vibes), Outshyne is not only staying true to their music that their fans love, but also converting new fans along the way.

As with most new or unheard of artists, it usually takes just one song to grab your attention. For me it was “That Girl.” If you’re looking for a place to start, start there.

Then stay for the countless other hits.