This Week’s Social Media Recap

It’s been awhile since we did one of these so we went a bit further back than just a week. Enjoy. 

Mixing alcohol with an open mic is a dangerous thing. Tyler Rich’s fiance Sabina Gadecki shared on Instagram this week about how some vodka encouraged her to grab the open mic. Tyler and the band were at a bar and was encouraged to sing for the audience. Sabina takes “supporting your man” to another level in this hilarious and cute video.

Up and comer Jon Langston spent some time duck hunting this past weekend. Looks like he was successful.

Granger Smith? Not really. Earl Dibbles Jr.? Definitely not. “Dwayne the Roadie” makes an appearance on Granger’s social media this week. Absolutely hilarious.

If I had to go live with any country music family, it wouldn’t be close. I’d pick the Bryans. Luke’s mom is a hilarious follow on Instagram and she clearly had a blast at Crash My Playa.

Chase Rice seems like a legit super nice guy. He’s always posting pictures and videos of him hanging out with his niece.

Whiskey Jam celebrated their 8th anniversary with a star studded lineup that included Travis Denning. This moment had to be special for Travis as the crowd sang his song back to him.

Maddie and Tae helped to provide an authentic prom experience for the kids of Best Buddies last weekend.