Throwback Jam: “Sold”

Proof that inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold” (Grudy County Auction Incident) came from a chance encounter with an auctioneer.

The two songwriters behind the hit, Robb Royer and Richard Fagan (who also penned Montgomery’s other fast talking hit, “Be My Baby Tonight”), were at a songwriter’s benefit in Nashville, when they met “a slow talking Tennessee man,” who made his living as an auctioneer. 

Fagan and Robb would see the auctioneer in action later that night and Fagan had an idea that they could make a song out of this. It didn’t take long for the two to put their ideas together, creating a love story wrapped around a local auction. Their main goal was to make the song sound like you were at an auction, something that was definitely attained throughout the chorus. Montgomery does a great job getting into character, nailing each word with clarity and precision, sounding like a true auctioneer.

The two and a half minute song reached the top of the country charts in July of 1995 and is still viewed as one of Montgomery’s most popular and recognizable songs. Don’t pretend that you don’t feel the smallest amount of triumph when you nail every single word to the insanely fast, word jumbled chorus. 

Just another auctioneer off the block.