The Next Big Thing In Country: Cody Johnson’s Latest Album Is Simply Amazing

Cody Johnson is about to be the next big thing in country music.

Cody is a country singer that hails from The Lonestar State. He’s a former bull rider that decided to follow his dreams of becoming a country music singer. He built up a loyal and passionate fan base that continues to grow. He became a bonafide star in Texas country music, becoming the only independent artist to ever sell out the Houston Rodeo.

After being wined and dined for years by every major record label in town, Johnson recently signed with Warner Music Nashville. Earlier this month, Johnson released his first project with them — a 15 track album titled Ain’t Nothin’ to It.  

There is so much good on this album it’s honestly difficult to describe. He has flashes of Garth in one song and then George Strait in the next. You can hear the likes of Kenny Rogers, Travis Tritt, and even Chris Young and Luke Combs influencing his sound in various songs. It’s an album that definitely sounds like Texas and that’s exactly who Cody Johnson is. If you’re a fan of traditional country or even those such as Luke Combs and Chris Young you’re going to love this album.

Johnson opens the album with the title track “Ain’t Nothin’ to It,” a father-son discussion where the father gives the son practical advice to his son about marriage. “Noise” is an uptempo song about trying to shut off the outside world and focus on the special person right in front of you. Johnson brings in some traditional sounds in “Fenceposts.” A song about young love, this one sounds like it could’ve been released in the 90s.

He continues with a sad song about a love interest that has moved away in “Understand Why.” Channeling his inner Travis Tritt, Johnson apologetically sings about his backroad life in “Long Haired Country Boy.” He then pivots in a completely different direction but passionately confessing his love in “Nothin’ on You.” 

“Honky Tonk Mood” is literally a honky tonk song that will most definitely get your boots tapping. He gives a tip of the hat to Merele Haggard and other musical legends in “Monday Morning Merle” as he switches from record to record throughout the week trying to get over a girl. “Y’all People” is a song that he dedicates to his wild fans, some of the most passionate country fans out there.

Johnson gets nostalgic, thinking back to his rodeo days in “Where Cowboys Are King.” “On My Way to You” is a realistic love song about having to go through the ups and downs of life until you meet the one you’re suppose to end up with. “Doubt Me Now” is a not so subtle shoutout to all of the people who doubted Johnson over the years. It can apply to the rest of us, but it applies best to him.

It’s clear to the listener that the rodeo is important to Johnson as he sings about his past life once again in “Dear Rodeo.” It’s the type of song that many country music fans can relate to, whether it’s the factory job that left town or the farmer that sold his family farm. “Husbands and Wives” is a somber song that highlights stubbornness for the reason there aren’t more “husbands and wives.” He concludes the album with “His Name Is Jesus,” a song showing love and gratitude for The Lord. Faith is so important to so many of country music artists and it’s clear that his faith is important to him as well.