Artist You Need to Know: Sammy Arriaga

Sammy Arriaga is the type of artist you get when you mix together South Beach roots with Nashville songwriting.

Hailing from Miami, Arriaga has Cuban roots that shaped his childhood all the way until he auditioned for American Idol in 2011. In fact, both of his parents left Cuba to come to America. His dad actually suggested that he consider country music so Arriaga began learning guitar and started to write his own songs. It’s paid off for him.

You can hear sounds of his Cuban and South Beach upbringing in his music. It’s a unique sound of country music that we really haven’t heard before. But it’s a great sound.

Songs to check out:

On the surface, “Cold in Miami” seems like it would be more of a pop song considering the title, but it’s has a country sound to it with meaningful lyrics that are so crucial in a country song.

In “WTH” a song he released last fall, Arriaga has a little bit of a Keith Urban in him as he sings about an inevitable break up coming.

He teams up with Jillian Jacquelline in a powerful duet in “Just Another.” He really shows off his vocals and ability to harmonize in this song. It’s one that will stick in your head all week.

Country music is more than hay bales and beers on a tailgate. With country music fans in each and every city, the thing about country music that resonates with so many people is the songwriting and relatable message of the songs. Sammy Arriaga is the ideal artist that can tap into those type of country listeners, while still providing that country music experience we as fans love.