New Country Group Gone West Absolutely Impresses in Debut EP

We’ve seen it before where artists from different genres try to make a country record. The appeal makes sense. Country music is about the powerful emotion the songs convey through person and realistic lyrics. We’ve seen it work with the likes of Darius Rucker, but we’ve also seen it fall flat on its face with the like of AJ McLean.

That’s why it’s so interesting to check out Colbie Caillat’s latest endeavor.

Caillat formed Gone West with her fiance Justin Young, songwriter Jason Reeves who has written some of Caillat’s top hits, and Reeves’ wife Nelly Joy. The group decided to try the country thing after being together on Caillat’s tour a few years ago and realized that the four had a lot of creative chemistry. While there’s certainly some pop elements to their sound on Tides, it’s a very vocally-driven “sound” as simple as that seems. It sounds folksy. It sounds country. It’s just great music.

The EP opens with a very rhythmic, western song in “Gone West.” You can almost close your eyes and hear Little Big Town singing this exact song. You can truly feel the tearful emotion in “Home is Where the Heartbreak Is,” a sad song about the end of something great. “Confetti” is a fun song to describe a breakup. It’s an unusual way to describe a breakup but it’s cleverly written with a catchy beat that doesn’t come close to overpowering their voices. The EP wraps up with “This Time.” It’s a meaningful song if you listen closely to the lyrics. This song truly shows off how well they are able to harmonize and blend their voices.

Hopefully this is just the start for this group because their vocals together make a really wonderful sound. With the talent and star power in the group, I think there’s a pretty good chance you hear quite a bit from Gone West in the coming months and years.