HARDY’S Latest EP Blends Traditional With Modern Country

After releasing his debut EP this past October, HARDY is back with his second EP titled WHERE TO FIND ME.

The thing that really jumps out to you as you listen to the “Up, Down” singer is his wide appeal. He creates music that is rich and authentic which almost certainly appeals to those who are more traditional country fans. At the same time, he adds different elements whether it’s a particular sound or clever lyrics that appeal to the modern country listener.

HARDY kicks it off with “I’ll Quit Lovin’ You,” a love song that is carefully crafted by using various country themed ideas to describe endless love. He continues with a humerous and lighthearted song about dealing with a breakup in “All She Left Was Me.” The song on the EP that is getting rave reviews is “Signed, Sober You.” An emotional song about needing a friendly reminder to leave the past in the past. It has a 90’s country feel to it with 2019 lyrics. The EP concludes with “Where to Find Me,” a country pride anthem that lets Hardy show fans his true country colors.