Artist You Need to Know: Travis Denning

There’s always that one artist that inspires an up and comer to pursue their musical careers, whether it’s Tim McGraw, George Strait, or Merle Haggard. However, for Georgia native Travis Denning, it was the first time hearing AC/DC, at the ripe age of 7 that convinced him to give the music industry a try.

In 2014 he moved to Nashville and soon after signed a publishing deal with RED Creative Group. He began securing cuts from artists such as Jason Aldean, Chase Rice and Michael Ray. Denning’s work with these projects caught the ear of Universal Music Group, who signed him to a record deal in 2017.

From there Denning released his first single with perhaps the most unique country song title, “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.” The song about attaining a fake ID in order to purchase beer and cigarettes wasn’t far fetched for Denning, who while underage actually used David Ashley Parker’s ID. The real David Ashley Parker even plays a role in the music video.

2019 holds a lot of exciting news for Denning, who is working on his full-length album and hitting the road for his own headlining tour. He gave fans a sneak peek of new music, with the release of “After a Few.” A complete 180 from “David Ashley Parker,” Denning shows that he has the writing chops to dig deeper into songs, with perhaps a little more substance, than a fun loving kid with a fake ID.

Clearly this guy is more than just a one hit wonder. Expect a big 2019 out of Denning.