Throwback Jam: “Every Light in the House Is On”

It’s hard to imagine country music without one of the biggest, both literally and figuratively, voices. Trace Adkins has been serenading radio listeners for decades with his full baritone voice and signature cowboy hat and ponytail.

Adkins has the rare ability to delight fans with both fun, sultry songs such as, “Chrome” or “Ladies Love Country Boys,” but this country crooner gained attention with a gut wrenching ballad, playing a man who will do whatever it takes to prove to his girl that he isn’t going anywhere. Even if it means a hefty electric bill.

“Every Light in the House is On” was Adkins second single, released in 1996. It became his first top 5 hit, going all the way to number 3. (One year later, Adkins had his first number 1 with “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing.”)

The song was written by Kent Robbins, a songwriting star, with such credits as George Strait’s “Write This Down” and Jon Anderson’s “Straight Tequila Night.”

Adkins delivers the song perfectly; his voice is made for the song, with enough power and vulnerability, Adkins pulls off the heartbroken man who will do whatever it takes to get his woman back. Not only is the song one of the most recognizable 90’s country songs, it catapulted Adkins to the career he has and to other amazing songs.