Artist You Need to Know: The Roads Below

The Roads Below is the latest group to take on Nashville. Comprised of Phil Evans of Arkansas and Max Martilik of Los Angeles, who joined drummer Drew Cottrell and bassist Seth Van Dussen in Nashville, each bring their own unique styles to the country scene.

With flares of pop and rock, but at the core a true blues, country-sounding group, The Roads Below are proving that they are deserving of some recognition.

Shortly after coming to Nashville they self released their first single “I Want Us,” a powerful song of reflection and not realizing what you had until it is gone. The song quickly garnered attention, with over 3 million streams. They backed up their success with two other likely hits, “Bonfire” a summer song, and “Good at It,” a more fun, flirtatious single.

Without any radio play or attention from the media, The Roads Below are building their fan base through social media and word of mouth. As long as they keep creating the music they have been, there is no reason you won’t be hearing them on your radio sometime soon.