With heartfelt, personal songwriting, Chris Bandi is winning over more and more fans each and every day

Growing up, Chris Bandi only wanted to be one thing – a rock star. He may be more of a “country rock star,” but Bandi is heading in the right direction.

The St. Louis native moved to Nashville after graduating from college and formed a band hitting the road, singing songs about his own life experiences. Even though he was pitched songs from others in Nashville, Bandi knew that back roads and tailgates wasn’t necessarily who he was.

Bandi is the guy who wrote a song, “Man Enough Now,” about a former relationship, wondering how different it would have been, if he was then, who he is now. Or take his latest song “Why I Don’t Drink,” a completely vulnerable self-reflective song, that maybe the person in the mirror was causing the pain in the relationship.

Bandi keeps fans guessing with “Rain Man” a song with a reggae-Jamaican feel to it. With lyrics begging for rain to match ones disposition after a break up, the song is a complete contradiction.

Looking for some easy feeling love songs? “Only One” is a song that you can listen to, windows down on a summer night. “Gone Girl” shows Bandi’s true style and his many musical influences with a pop rock feel, something you’d want to blast through the jukebox.

An outsider to Nashville, Bandi didn’t move to music city to conform to the majority. He’s making a name for himself by remaining grounded and doing things his way.