Our 18 Favorite “Under the Radar” Songs from 2018

There were so many good songs this past year, but at the same time there were so many good songs that didn’t get as much airplay or recognition as they deserved. These are some of our favorite songs from this past year that flew under the radar. (Hint, hint: give them a listen.)

“Hard Feelings” – Taylor Edwards

This song is super addicting. It was the 5th most played song on Spotify for me (Aaron) this year. She’s one to keep your eye on going forward.

“Love That About You” – Filmore

All of Filmore’s songs are catchy as hell. This was one we couldn’t get enough of this summer.

“Wilder Horses” – Brandon Lay

Brandon’s future is super bright as he opened for Kenny Chesney and Thomas Rhett this summer. This smooth song got our toes a tapping this year.

“One More Red Light” – Cassadee Pope

We were disappointed that this one didn’t catch on at radio, because it should have. Cassadee’s voice is second to none and this is one you crank while driving around town.

“Hey Whiskey” – Smithfield

This song was well received on Sirius XM’s The Highway but we think the sound of this duo is something that’s really special. The chorus on this one is powerful.

“Stay the Night” – The Shires

This duo from the UK is already taking over country music across the pond. Their harmonies together is something that so nice to listen to.

“How Does It Sound” – Dylan Schneider

If you’re looking for the next big thing that’s going to hit country music in the next five years, it’s going to be this guy. The 19 year-old has a large fan base built through social media and this song got him his first air play on radio.

“If I Were You” – Jillian Jacqueline and Keith Urban

We’re hoping that this song gets released to country radio in 2019. If not, upset doesn’t begin to describe our feelings. Jillian’s vocals are second to none and Keith’s presence in the chorus really adds to the song without taking it away from Jillian.

“Nothing to Lose” – Spencer Crandall

You want an addicting song? This is it. It’s such a fun, let-loose kind of message that we all need to hear from time to time. We’re all about the nostalgia this one made us feel as well.

“Home and a Hometown” – Hannah Ellis

Hannah has such a dang good country music voice and this is a fun one we got addicted to this year. She’s the next Carly Pearce folks.

“Growin’ Up” – Walker McGuire

These two guys are the real deal. We love how authentic this song is about growing up in a small town. This gave us major feelings of nostalgia which we love.

“Lost in the Middle” – Catherine McGrath

This girl is going to be star in the UK, and if we have it our way she’s going to be a star here in the U.S. This song, as well as the others on her debut album Talk of This Town, highlights how great of a voice he has. We can listen to her over and over.

“Me Tonight” – Renee Blair

We know that Renee is set to release her debut EP or album in 2019, but we’re still digging this song she released this year. We were fortunate enough to hear her live this year and she sounds the same live as she does on the studio produced track. Her vocals are very impressive.

“Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” – Ashley McBryde

Ashley is the perfect blend of old and new country and this song solidifies her songwriting abilities. It has a feel good “coming home” vibe.

Dancing Forever” – Michael Ray

It’s a song that can be interpreted in many ways, anyone can find something to take away from it. In our opinion, it might just be his best song ever.

Slow Dance in a Parking Lot”- Jordan Davis

Any song that mentions Garth Brooks is gold. Jordan takes the simple things in a romance and turns it into a beautiful melody. It’s about finding that romantic moment no matter where you are.

21” – Jimmie Allen

It’s a feel good song. Don’t we all miss when we were 21? Crossing our fingers that this is his next single he releases.

I Don’t Know About You” – Chris Lane

The fact that that this is his next single is completely due to his fans. Once his latest album dropped, this became an instant fan favorite, so much so that fans now sing the song back to him word for word. It’s pretty impressive for a song that hasn’t really started to climb the charts yet.