Throwback Jam: “One Way Ticket”


Twenty-two years ago, in 1996, a teenager claimed the top country song in the nation.

LeAnn Rimes was just 14 when “One Way Ticket” (Because I Can), became a number one song.  Written by Keith Hinton and Judy Rodman, it became Rimes first and only number one song. One producer on the song claims that while in the studio, Rimes recoreded the vocals in one take. Not too bad for a 14 year old.

The uplifting, self empowering song can take on many meanings, from starting over from a relationship, a job, a tragedy. Who hasn’t thought about buying a plane or train ticket and just starting over somewhere, or experiencing something new?

Better yet, this past spring, LeAnn recorded the song again, this time slowing it down, putting more of a heartbreak feel to it, a somber change from the upbeat original. There’s no denying it’s equally as powerful as the original song. LeAnn says that at 14 she didn’t grasp the bigger meaning behind the song, she was just singing it. Give an artist credit, to be able to go back and reimagine a 22 year-old song and make it sound fresh; is not an easy task.

Take a listen to both renditions below. Are you team 90´s or are you loving the new twist on the classic.