Andy Brown releases debut album “Cedarmont”

I think Andy Brown is going to be just fine as a solo artist. After months of anticipation and numerous delayed released dates, the former front man for the UK band LAWSON released his debut solo album Cedarmont. 

Thankfully Brown has been tiding fans over by releasing six of the songs periodically throughout the past year, beginning with “Landslide,” the smash hit sung with The Shires’ Chrissie Rhodes, which came out last October.

Cedarmont has a general upbeat, optimistic theme to it, with fun, feet-stomping songs, from “You Had Me at Hello,” “One Last Time,” and “Honey.” In fact it seems like the whole album could be a love song written to Brown’s wife. “Keeper” and “Talk of the Town” give ode that one somebody who is just so uniquely perfect that you can’t help but notice and love them. 

Looking for a more laid back, low key song? Look no further than “Lay With Me.” Want something with more of a blues feel? “Put That Record On” has you covered. You see a theme? This album has a song whether you want to party or stay in for the night and whether you believe in true love or are more of a cynic.

Brown does the fun, romantic songs so well with “About Last Night,” but the song that really shows his range and vulnerability comes in the song “Hallow.” A deeply personal song about a miscarriage, Brown sings so honestly about it, that fans can tell this song came directly from his heart and the feelings he and his wife went through at the time.

Not to upset any LAWSON fans out there, but if Andy Brown wants to continue making music like this for the rest of his life, I’m not going to object.