Mitchell Tenpenny wastes no time Telling All His Secrets on his debut album

Can you feel it? It’s the new wave of country artists that are going to take over your radios and award shows. Spearheading the drive is Nashville native, Mitchell Tenpenny. With his full length debut album Telling All My Secrets, Tenpenny wastes no time creating new fans and making those in the business take notice. 

This 12 track album (we’re going to ignore the one random Christmas song at the end), has something for everyone, which is the way Tenpenny planned it. He wanted a heartbreak song, a love song, songs about drinking and having a good time, deeply personal song; everyone can find one song on the album that they can relate to. If you’re looking for a breakup song, take your pick. “Drunk Me,” his first single that crushed the country charts and “I Get the Picture,” take a more somber feel of an ended relationship, whereas “Bitches” is a song of pure relief, realizing that your significant other is not who they pretend to be.

Those looking for a love song, have no fear. Tenpenny delivers with songs like “Goner” and “Somebody’s Got Me.” Personally I think Tenpenny has his best stuff with his most personal songs, like the title track to the album “Telling All My Secrets.” The song comes across as a man telling his new love all his secrets, but Mitchell says it also has to do with him exposing who he is to his fans and country music in general. 

This whole album, he says, is a deeply personal piece of work that he has been waiting to share with fans for awhile. The hardest song for Tenpenny to talk about? “Walk Like Him.” The “him” referenced is Mitchell’s dad, who passed away three years ago. Grief hit Tenpenny at an odd time, months later in the back of a van driving from one show to the next. The phrase that he always heard his mom say was that he walked just like his dad. Mitchell knew at some point he was going to be using that idea for a song, and goodness did he ever write a good one.

Mitchell Tenpenny is the real deal. He understands the business and can write any kind of song you’re looking for. With one of the most unique and distinctive voices on radio today, the sky is the limit. Nashville has always been home and music is always what he was meant to do.