Brett Young is Happy in his Sophomore Album “Ticket to L.A.”

Brett Young couldn’t dream of having a more successful debut album than he had. With three number ones (“In Case You Didn’t Know,” “Like I Love You,” and “Mercy”) as well as his debut single “Sleep Without You” peaking at #2, expectations for Brett Young are sky high.

The California native released his sophomore album Ticket to L.A. last week following up on a busy few weeks for him. The newlywed is in a good place after getting use to the Nashville scene since moving to the country music capital in 2015. Young says that while his first album was written when he was in a rough place after just moving to Nashville, this new album reflects a happier Brett Young.

You can definitely notice the change in the overall project of the album. It’s almost as if he has turned the page to the next exciting chapter of his life. Much of the credit for the inspiration to the happier Brett Young can be given to his long-term girlfriend and now wife, Taylor Mills. While there are plenty of up-beat and happy love songs, there are still some heartbreakers. Particularly the closing track which will knock you off your feet.

The album kicks off with the title track “Ticket to L.A.,” a picturesque song about falling in love in the airport that could also be the soundtrack to the next big Rom-Com. “Here Tonight” is the first track Young dropped to tease the album release. The up-beat love song is currently climbing the charts and is in the 20s. Young sings about accidentally falling in love with “Catch,” a memorable tune that is 100% Brett Young.

“1, 2, 3 Mississippi” is the classic song about falling in love too fast and needing to catch your breath. Young executes the delivery of the lyrics and the melody seamlessly. “Let It Be Mine” is a nice ballad in the same idea as Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time.” Young had to include some heartbreak songs on the album which is what he does in “Where You Want Me.” It’s a song about a girl getting him to change for the better only for the girl to be the one that is always on the chase.

Young sings about the difficulty of getting over someone special in “Used to Missin’ You.” The uptempo beat gives the song a more optimistic view of what the relationship was like. “Change Your Name” is a beautiful love song about loving her for her and not wanting to change a single thing about her; except her last name. One of the best, if not the best, songs on the album is “Chapters.” Joined on the song by Gavin DeGraw, an artist Young has looked up to, they sing about real life and all of the phases we go through. Young sings about how his baseball career was cut short due to injury, but really that was just the start of his next incredible chapter. It’s carefully crafted to paint that picture in your head. It’s really something special.

“The Ship and the Bottle” is a coastal sounding song about not wanting to hold back someone from what they’re meant to do. “Reasons to Stay” is that “young love” song that people can relate to. He sings about regret in “Runnin’ Away From Home,” an emotional song about realizing he made a mistake, but it just might be too late. Young concludes the album with an absolute heartbreaking song in “Don’t Wanna Write This Song.” 

Describing “Don’t Wanna Write This Song” in an interview with Billboard, Young says that he “likes putting ballads at the end of records. I don’t like putting them in the middle because I don’t want someone to stop listening to the album.” Young continues by saying, “Don’t Wanna Write This Song is going to be Mercy 2.0. When you get to that third verse, you realize that it’s not a breakup song, and that she is actually dead.”

Give the song a listen. It’ll knock the sail out of your winds.