Artist You Need to Know: SixForty1

Call it creepy or overreaching but I personally love how the little bots that make up Spotify know exactly what I want to hear, even if it’s the first time hearing a song. For example, I never would have stumbled across this little song (if you want to call over 1.5 millions streams little) called “Plane Crazy” by this new duo, who I had also never heard of, SixForty1. Safe to say, I thanked the Spotify gods and proceeded to listen to any song of theirs I could find.

The duo, comprised of Austin Gee and Brooks Hoffman, met in the town of Murray, Kentucky, a town that has US Highway 641 darting right through it. It didn’t take much thought to realize this was the perfect name for them. Both guys grew up singing and took an interest in songwriting throughout their high school and into their college years. It was in college at Murray State University that the two really got to know each other, specifically at Mr. MSU, a male pageant. Each represented their own, rival fraternities. However, rivalry was put aside when Brooks noticed Austin strumming a guitar backstage. Introductions were made and the idea to start writing songs together came naturally, and hasn’t stopped to this day.

They began booking local shows, always knowing Nashville was the end goal. Thanks to a fan funded campaign, they recorded “Plane Crazy” which then led them to Nashville and caught the interest of Hard 8 Management’s Aaron Keiser, who is Brantley Gilbert’s manager. They also signed a booking deal with Creative Artist Agency (CAA), so it’s safe to say, they are getting well acquainted with their new home.

While “Plane Crazy” is their most well-known hit, SixForty1 also released Picture This, a six track EP that was released in May of 2017. They also released their latest tune, “Maybe I Might” this November. With rock solid harmonies and fresh new songwriting, these guys aren’t going anywhere…but up the charts.